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The Emerald Cape

The Emerald Cape was completed in 2019.


Gordon, an ordinary college student, must choose between a life of superheroism and his average life. Each choice, however, comes with a price. 

Credits: Producer


Indentured was completed in May of 2018. Awarded an official selection from NAFCo Monthly Film Festival Series and a Semi-Finalist in A Rebel Minded Festival.


The hunter becomes the hunted when a street urchin named Frank decides to escape the servitude of the city’s nastiest tooth dealer.  

Credits: Writer, Producer, Director, Production Designer, Sound Designer

Dance With Me

Dance With Me was completed in 2018 through Ithaca College. 

Two girls with a shared past come back together after many years, only to discover that their splintered friendship was caused by something darker than what they thought. 

Credits: Producer

Stationary Bike

Stationary Bike was completed in 2017 with the help of Stephen King's "Dollar Baby" program. 

With failing health, Richard must take control of his life through the use of a stationary bike. Yet, to much control is never a good thing. Stationary Bike is available through private link to protect the rights of Stephen King. Please contact me for this link below. 

Credits: Producer 


Vagabond was completed in 2017 through Ithaca College. 

Two girls go through a rough road trip on their way to a writers award ceremony. Deadbeat fathers, unrequited love, and discovery of one's sexuality is only the beginning of their journey in this short film. 

Credits: Production Designer


This film was completed in 2015 through Ithaca College. 

A young girl comes to grips with her suicidal thoughts and the impact it would have to those around her. 

Credits: Writer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Sound Designer. 

Just Dessert

Just Dessert was completed in 2016 at Ithaca College. 

Eve, a religious librarian, comes home to an empty house every night. Her husband, a drunk, is rarely home and leaves the place a mess. Lonely, her only companion is her faithful dog, Shep. Upon the husbands return in the dead the night, Eve tries to stop Shep’s reunion with his master but fails when her husband hits the dog out of anger. She takes matters into her own hands when she finds a spell book in a pile of her work,  switching the husband’s and dog’s bodies so that she can finally get the companion she deserves.

Credits: Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, Sound Designer

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